Preparing the Nursery

Remember how I was questioning what a father’s role is during the pregnancy during my first blog post? Well one role that is often assigned to expecting dads is the role of handyman and furniture assembler. Now the good news is I enjoy a good do-it-yourself home project. When my wife and I purchased our home last Fall, the previous owners had opted to paint the main floor rooms and all of the hallways; however, they left the bedrooms the original colours. In the case of our unborn daughter’s room, it was painted (poorly I should add) in a stereotypical bubblegum pink colour with ballerina stickers affixed to the walls. Now I have nothing against bubblegum pink. It’s very girly, and I’m sure in a few years my daughter will be begging me to paint it that same colour; however, with walls in rough condition that included streaks and stains, something had to be done.

Nursery Before.jpg
Bubble Gum Nightmare


My wife is the official interior designer for our family, so she began her research on the internet trying to find the perfect colour for our nursery. She settled on Wickham Gray from Benjamin Moore. We have used Benjamin Moore paints before, and we have always been impressed with the consistent quality and durability that they offer. I set off to our nearby Benjamin Moore location and chose their Natura line, given that these paints of have zero VOC, zero emissions and no harsh fumes, which makes it an excellent choice for a newborn’s room. They’re even certified asthma and allergy friendly. Equipped with new paint brushes, rollers and plenty of painters tape (my secret weapon when it comes to painting), I set out to banish the awful bubble gum pink from my future daughter’s room for good. After two days of work and some sore muscles from stretching to paint those high up places, the painting was done.

Natura Paint.jpg
Natura Paint from Benjamin Moore


The next step was assembling the furniture. My parents-in-law had purchased the crib and change table for us. These DaVinci Jenny Lind pieces were easy to put together and fit the room nicely with a classic look. We added a rocker, foot stool, and an antique dresser to finish the room off in terms of furniture. Finally, we hung an antique look mirror over the dresser and three SKURAR picture ledges from IKEA that act as book shelves, and we essentially had completed the nursery.

SKURAR ledges from IKEA


Arguably this room always had potential. With its vaulted ceiling and massive window that overlooks the street, it is a pretty cool bedroom for any little girl to grow up in. It always amazes me what a bit of paint can do to change the feeling of a room. This is probably the cheapest and most effective step you can apply to any room to make a major difference and that’s exactly what we achieved with this DIY project. I know my wife and I will often step through the doorway and peer at the empty crib before bed imagining what this room will soon hold. Once an ugly dump room for our post-move junk is now a serene place where our future baby can rest and grow up in.

What are you DIY suggestions when it comes to a baby/child’s room?

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