Finding Out The Gender

It’s been a while since my last post, so I thought I’d kick things off with a typical question that many new parents receive. Yes, I’m talking about the classic “Do you know if it’s a girl or a boy?” question. Now you may have guessed after reading my last post that my wife and I are planners. Rarely do we leave things to chance, so it’s no surprise that we jumped at the opportunity to find out the gender of our unborn baby.

Now this time in a pregnancy is an interesting one. You’re still coming off the high of the news that you are in fact having a baby, but as reality begins to set in, you can’t help but wonder who in fact is in there. The main hope for my wife and I, and for many parents out there, above all else is to have a baby that is healthy. At the same time, the need to know the gender becomes increasingly attractive, as the days, weeks, and months roll by.

We had already been to two ultrasounds, but obviously it was way to early in the pregnancy to uncover the gender. With the third ultrasound scheduled about three weeks out, my wife came to me one day and asked if I wanted to pay for a private ultrasound. The timing in the pregnancy was right about the time where we would have a good idea of the gender, so I said let’s do it. So off my wife and I drove to St. Catharines one evening after work to visit Peeka-Boo! I See U! to find out the answer the question that we both were wondering. Even on the drive from Hamilton to St. Catharines, we kept switching our gender predictions with one another. Upon parking the car in the parking lot, we placed our final bets before walking into the building.

The office of Peeka-Boo! I See U! was very welcoming with multiple baby pictures adorning the walls of the reception area, both in ultrasound form and non-ultrasound glory. My wife and I sat anxiously awaiting the technician to see us. Within no time we were welcomed into a dark and cozy room with a huge flat screen sitting across from us. My wife, now a pro at ultrasounds, got positioned and jellied up. Before we knew it, the 2-D images burst onto the screen. There was this very active little being dancing across the pixels of the screen. We were all taken aback about how much this little person was moving around, not to mention the vast difference in appearance from the previous ultrasound that my wife and I had both attended. Tossing and turning, sucking its thumb, this baby was without a doubt active! The technician was fantastic and took the time to explain everything that we were watching to us. You could tell that she took a lot of pride in her work. We took final guesses, before the technician proceeded with the final reveal. Within seconds our world was about to change again. Three, Two, One… and then “You’re having a girl.”

“You’re having a girl”

I looked at my wife and saw the happy tears appear in her eyes. Those four simple words literarily put a new perspective on the entire pregnancy experience. I was equally emotional, as I continued to watch our unborn daughter move around. Our daughter. It still takes me a aback when I say it. We left that office on a high. It’s already hard as a new dad to imagine yourself raising a child, but this whole experience provided some additional clarity to this quickly approaching reality.

Finding out the gender of your unborn child is definitely a personal choice, and I have all the respect for parents out there who decide to hold out for the grand reveal. I know my wife and I wouldn’t have had the will power to wait. That being said, we did decide to wait a while until we told family and friends. We felt it was special to take some personal time to absorb this incredible news before sharing with our parents, family, and finally friends. We couldn’t be more excited and are thrilled to be bringing a little girl into this world.

If you have children of your own, did you decide to wait to find out your baby’s gender or did you find out before the birth?

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